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A tour from San pedro to Uyuni

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Posted: 08/17/07 - 08:58    Post subject:

Is there anyone who experienced a tour from San Pedro to Uyuni? I am so exited for I am in Recife now and this is my first visit to South America and I am going to Chile by plane tomorrow and am suppose to spent some time at San Pedro de Atacama –this is an interesting spot for me since I am a student of archeology. Anyway I will be staying there for about a week but am also willing to visit Bolivia so I would much appreciate if someone tells me what the tour from San Pedro to Uyuni is and what is the road? Thanks!
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Posted: 09/22/07 - 03:52    Post subject:

I bet you would have a great time there in San Pedro and though it is very small town it is still rich in archeological values left by Inca civilizations. I was thrilled with this small town and I was enjoying passing through its narrow walkways anyway I stayed there with three of my colleagues for about 5 days and we also had a tour from San Pedro to Uyuni and I will never forget this trip. We rented a Land Cruiser with a guider and though I have almost died from cold during the night and early morning-so watch out to dress well for the temperatures are extremely low at nights up to about 9 am-I enjoyed it all the way to Uyuni salt pits. During this tour we have visited a few villages consisted of about 20 people that are mainly agriculturists and without any descent living conditions-I was surprised where people live for despite all the beautiful landscape I am not sure I would survive there. Anyway we finally reached the Chilean Bolivian border and the highlands landscape is magnificent –all the way down to Uyuni we were traveling with our Land Cruiser that was going through a salty dessert with huge space covered with cactuses-I never saw that many cactuses at one place. And the dessert is of white color and if you taste it you will feel it salty for it was a sea there once disappeared a long time ago and the salty dessert has been formed all the way to Uyuni a small town known for its salty pits. And don’t forget your camera you would have amazing photos ever and take a lot of water for I almost died from thirst.
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