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A huge shrine in Colossal Cave Mountain Park in Tuscon

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Posted: 12/18/08 - 06:53    Post subject:

What do you think about Colossal Cave Mountain Park in Tucson, if you veer had a chance to go and visit this place? I was never there, but I have heard all sorts of great stories about this place and some huge shrine that I am especially interested in and I would like to learn more before I actually get there, because I am afraid that I will miss something.
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Joined: 03 Dec 2008
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Posted: 01/02/09 - 02:28    Post subject:

One thing that you need to know about Colossal Cave Mountain Park in Tuscon is that this place is really huge and you should not have just one day to visit it, but you should get even more time if you are able to. This is one great place and I can say that this is the greatest place of them all that I have visited and I am very happy that my friend talked me into visiting it, because I remember that I was reluctant at first. That great shrine that you asked about is breath taking and I am sure that you will have some great pictures to show back home when you are back.
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Posted: 01/16/09 - 22:04    Post subject:

One week is more then enough if you don’t plan to see every detail of this place and I am not all that excited about all this, so I would say that this is not something that you should be paying extra special attention to at all. I also think that one more thing that you should not omit to see is all this by night because light is pretty fascination and I can say with ease that this is a completely different experience then the one you will have during the day visits. Make sure that you bring your camera, because people are not going to believe what you have seen otherwise.
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Posted: 01/27/09 - 20:55    Post subject:

I have seen pictures of the caves at Colossal Cave Mountain park. The pictures are breath taking. Do you know what type of accommodations are available? We have a motor home and we would like to take it there, but are unsure if RV hook ups are available. It is already decided that we will send at least a week there, it's just the accommodations that need to be decided on. Since you have been there do you have any useful tips to pass on?
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