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A bus, plane or a train on my way from Goteborg to Stockholm?

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Joined: 06 Aug 2007
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Posted: 06/15/08 - 07:29    Post subject:

Hello, folks. I am currently at Goteborg, but my wife and I plan visiting Stockholm. We can't make up our minds whether to choose plane, bus or train on our way there. I would like to hear your opinion on this subject and your reasons why you would choose one of these transportations. Thanks in advance.
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Joined: 15 Sep 2004
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Posted: 06/23/08 - 21:19    Post subject:

Hello, there. Well if I could choose, I would choose a car. You havent mentioned it. I dont know how much time you have, but taking a car is the best way to do sightseeing of the areas on your way from Goteborg to Stockholm. You can stop wherever you want and see whatever you want. If you dont want to spend long time on he road, then I suggest you to take the plane. You will get quickly to Stockholm and then you will have more time to see the city. The train traveling needs around 5 hours from Goteborg to Stockholm. I think there is ultra speed train that gets there in 2 hours, but Im not sure. I havent traveled by bus on this route, so I cant tell you my impressions.
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Joined: 04 Mar 2008
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Posted: 07/02/08 - 14:27    Post subject:

I took a bus and although the ride lasted 6 hours, I enjoyed it, since I loved Swedish nature and enjoyed every minute of the ride especially when driving by this enormous lake called Vattern, or was it Vanern?

A flight takes only 45 minutes but it's more expensive and you can always find a "cheap" bus ride.

Don't know about trains, I think that they are expensive.
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