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A Weekend getaway to Addis Ababa!

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Posted: 2/3/09 2:31 AM
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Hello, I will be going to Ethiopia soon. During my stay I will attend a business meetings in Addis Ababa and afterwards have a couple of days off. It is then that I was planning on taking a small trip around town in hope to see the what is Addis Ababa like and get some rest from work. Where would be best to go during leisure time?
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Posted: 2/9/09 6:14 PM
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Hello, Addis Ababa is a beautiful city which can offer you a pleasant experience. There are many thing you can see during your stay. For example, there is St. George's Cathedral, Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Hager Fikir Theatre which is considered to be one of the oldest theatres in that area, there is also the magnificent Africa Park with it's many water pool decorations, and The Parliament. If you by any reason wish to see the surrounding landscape of the city I suggest that you visit the Lake Awassa and Lake Langano which will surely give you the proper atmosphere for relaxation as they are a famous getaway places even for the locals. You will also be able to experience the Demera celebrations in the city if you happen to be there during the end of September.
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