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A380 Emirates?

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Joined: 07 Jan 2005
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Posted: 09/07/07 - 08:50    Post subject:

I wonder if anyone has flown with the Emirates. I have some business in Dubai and need to get there, but haven't flown with their aircrafts. Does someone know how the travel is and do they use some new aircrafts? How much attention do the pay to renewing their air fleet? Thanks for all tips you can give.
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Joined: 14 Dec 2006
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Posted: 09/13/07 - 22:34    Post subject:

Well, you don't need to worry really. I was a flight attendant in Emirates for many years. They pay very much attention to their aircrafts. I flew with their first ordered A380 aircraft. I believe that they ordered the A380 for the first time in 2000. Later, they bought more of those aircrafts. Emirates Airlines are a company that constantly grows and begins to represent a threat to big air companies. It is less expensive than those Western companies, but the flights are very pleasant. You don't have much turbulence during the flight. The stuff is polite and speaks fluently English (as you can see reading these lines). I recommend you to book a ticket and have a pleasant journey with Emirates Airlines. Enjoy!
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