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10 days in Bangkok

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Posted: 02/04/08 - 07:33    Post subject:

I decided to visit Thailand with my girlfriend. We will come to Bangkok for 10 days. A friend who has been in Bangkok tells me that there is no way to everything I want in 10 days. I want to take my girlfriend at the most romantic places and take her to shopping. What Bangkok offers?
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Posted: 02/10/08 - 02:22    Post subject:

Bangkok is a city of contradictions. There is a worlds largest and newest airport, but also there are old royal palaces and amazing temples. Bangkok is a cultural center of Thailand. There is so much things to do and see, so it is going to be very difficult for you to get all what this city has to offer in 10 days. There are amazing sites you can see. You can take your girlfriend to romantic river cruise, or you can go together on one of the world famous intoxicating spa treatmans. When you come to Bangkok, you can enjoy with all 5 senses. This is a city with 1000 colours. You can taste 1000 aromas and flavours. The best way to see the city is tour The River of Kings. When you get tired from all that shops and modern buildings, go and relax at the Reclining Buddha, the oldest and the largest temple. At night, you should visit the most spectacular temple, Temple of Down, decorated with glass and Chinese porcelain.
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